Since the first beta of Apex Legends Mobile has been released, and the fans came to know that, unlike the PC version, the Mobile version of Apex Legends has a TPP Mode, they have been asking for it to be removed from the game.

TPP Mode will not be removed from Apex Legends Mobile

Go to any community of Apex Legends, and you will find players talking against the Third-person mode. However, it is evident that EA and Respawn are in no mood to remove TPP from the game. The developer has not given an official statement on it, but every major mobile battle royale game has a TPP mode, be it PUBG Mobile or COD Mobile. Believe it or not, most mobile gamers play TPP mode, and the apex developers will not want to lose such a massive audience just to impress a few pro players. In the end, it’s business, and they want to reach out to maximum players.

EA makes changes to Apex Legends Mobile TPP Mode

Recently we have been sharing many Apex Legends Mobile leaks on our Twitter Handel; if you haven’t followed us on Twitter, do it right away! We recently shared about the addition of new legends, guns, and finisher moves to the upcoming beta. Now for the latest leak, we have just stumbled upon the recent changes that the developers have made to the TPP mode.

If you have played the previous beta, you would know that in TPP mode, as soon you press the ADS button (Scope-in), the game switches to the FPP Mode. But now, in Apex Legends Mobile’s upcoming beta, when the player clicks on the ADS button instead of switching to FPP Mode, it would rather be Shoulder zoom in.

Apex Legends Mobile TPP Mode Image

It’s a bit tough to explain in words. But earlier, the TPP mechanism was more like PUBG Mobile, and now it will be more like Fortnite Mobile. We have attached Fortnite mobile gameplay for you guys to have a look at and understand how TPP works in it.

Apex Legends Mobile fans asked for the removal of TPP Mode and what they get is a modified version of TPP Mode. We believe that this will piss off even the fans who love TPP mode. What do you guys think? Is apex legends mobile going in the right direction? Do let us know your views in the comments below.