There is not really much of an update on Apex Legends Mobile. It’s been two weeks since the launch of the beta version of the game, and players are having a good time. The game has received positive feedback from the players. The only debate going on is whether the TPP should be removed from the game or not! But that is a discussion for some other day. 

Anyway, EA has recently confirmed that the currently ongoing beta version of Apex Legends Mobile will be ending soon. So make sure to have fun in the last few days left. Also, if you haven’t played Apex Legends Mobile yet! Then what are you doing? Download and play Apex Legends Mobile beta while you can.

Apex Legends Mobile Beta to end soon

If you already have the beta installed on your device. On 1st June, you would have received an in-game notification stating that ‘The closed beta test is halfway over.’ This current beta began on 18th May, now based on it, you can calculate the estimated time of the beta’s closing.

Apex legends mobile notification

The in-game ‘Level A Project Event‘ further confirms that the Apex Legends Mobile beta will end on 17th June 2021.

Apex Legends Mobile beta image

What next?

EAEA has already given us hints about the tentative release timeline of Apex Legends Mobile. Next, we will have an Open beta of Apex Legends Mobile, which is expected to release in July-August 2021.

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