New to Apex Legends Mobile? Looking for the best character in Apex Legends Mobile? Don’t worry; as usual, we at ShariganGaming have got you covered. After spending days playing apex legends mobile beta trying out every legend available in the game, we have come up with our Apex Legends Mobile character tier list that will tell you which are the most powerful character in the game.

Apex Legends Mobile tier list:

Characters in the top tier are the ones you need to go for if you are looking for back-to-back victories. And avoid using characters in the bottom tiers.

Note: This list was last updated on May 27th, 2021.

Apex legends mobile tier list updated

S Tier: Bloodhound and Octane

Bloodhound: It is an excellent team player. It’s passive, allows you to track enemies, and helps your team get the upper hand in every fight. Moreover, the bloodhound’s Ultimate is insane, and it allows him to turn into an ultimate hunter for 40 Seconds. That is enough to wipe not just 1 but 2-3 squads.

Octane: Entirely depends on its quick movements. If you like to play fast, flank enemy teams, then it is the best option for you. Octane can easily win 1v3 fights, provided that the player knows when to push and when to fall back.

Bloodhound and Octane character

A Tier: Wraith and Lifeline

Wraith: Wraith is a great character to use in Apex Legends Mobile. Many players might even argue that it should be in the S tier. But the fact is that the mobile gameplay is a bit different compared to the PC version. Wraith’s abilities are all about stealth. In mobile, the opponents get the footprint symbols right on their screen telling the exact position on the enemy, which somewhat is a disadvantage for Wraith.

Lifeline: Nobody likes choosing lifeline themselves, but everyone want’s a lifeline in their team. Lifeline can be called the team’s medic, meaning its role is more of a defensive-support player. Every team with a lifeline always has the upper hand in team fights, provided that the lifeline is not the first one to be taken out.

Wraith and Lifeline character

B Tier: Bangalore

Bangalore: Again, an excellent character that has a mix of both aggressive and defensive traits. But unlike the PC version in Apex Legends Mobile, Bangalore’s tactical ‘Smoke Launcher’ range is very short, which is why it brings her to this tier.

Bangalore character

C Tier: Gibraltar and Caustic

Gibraltar: It’s a tank! It just feels like Gibraltar can take so much damage. And it actually can, thanks to its passive gun shield. Gibraltar is not a bad option; it’s just that many more good options are available to choose from.

Caustic: Again, Caustic ranks down below became there are many more good options available. It’s tactical and ultimate abilities can be used to record some amazing gameplay moments, but if you are looking to play serious, then Caustic is not really the option you would want to go ahead with.

Gibraltar and Caustic character

D Tier: Wattson

Wattson: I am sorry, but Wattson is pretty much useless in Apex Legends Mobile. I don’t see a single reason why someone would want to pick up Wattson in a match (unless he/she is looking to camp in a building). It’s so much underpowered. Hopefully, the upcoming balance change updates will bring a change for this character.

Wattson character

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So that was our Apex Legends Mobile tier list. Do you agree with our list or not? Do let us know in the comments below. I personally love octane just because it looks funny and runs funny.