If you do not have access to the game’s beta version, you probably are wondering what Apex Legends Mobile Event Level A Project? Well, it’s a time-limited event for the beta players of Apex Legends Mobile, where they can get exclusive in-game items that can be used to flex for the entire lifetime.

What is Event Level A Project?

Event Level A Project is a limited-time event for the beta players of Apex Legends Mobile. Players need to complete some missions before the beta version comes to an end, and in return, they will get exclusive in-game rewards when the game is released globally.

The event will run from May 19th and end on June 17th. Players can access the event by simply going to the ‘events’ section in the game. The missions are pretty basic such as progress to levels 5, 10, 15, etc. Once a player reaches Level 25 in the beta, he has completed all the missions and will be eligible to receive the exclusive rewards.

Apex legends Event Level A Project

Note: The exclusive rewards will only be given to players during the game’s global launch (not instantly).

What are these exclusive rewards?

The beta players who complete the Event Level A project successfully in the given timeframe will receive an exclusive profile banner and badge. The banner will be showcased when someone will click on your in-game profile, while the badge will be showcased on the flag behind your character in the lobbies.

Apex legends mobile bet event

The banner and badge will be very limited in number as only a few selected players have been given access to Apex Legends Mobile. (Though if you want to play, we do know a trick: Apex Legends Mobile beta APK + OBB File Download). The banner and the badge will work as a witness and showcase of your support towards the game since its early days. Players will not be able to get these rewards anyhow in the future, making these rewards quite rare.

Are you one of the few lucky beta players of Apex Legends Mobile? If yes, are you happy with the exclusive rewards that EA is giving to the early access players via the Event Level A Project? Or should they have given a better reward like an exclusive character or weapon skin?