Apex Legends mobile is not your typical mobile battle royale game where you can take your time to do everything. It’s a super fast-paced game where you are constantly on the move. While shooting or aiming, the game allows you to jump, slide, crouch, heal, and whatnot! So basically more the finger, the more better movements you will have.

If you are new to the mobile shooting world or looking for a pro control layout for Apex Legends Mobile, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will share with you a few of the best control layouts that you can copy and use in Apex Legends Mobile. So let’s begin:

Best 3 finger claw control layout

If you are new to mobile shooters, then this 3 finger claw control layout is perfect for making that jump from a noob to becoming a pro player in Apex Legends Mobile. It’s quite a basic 3 finger layout but pretty effect. Using this layout will make you a much better player.

The advantage of using this layout is that you have a dedicated finger for the firing button, which leaves your right thumb to use the jump, slide, scope, ability, and other controls while shooting.

Best 4 finger claw control layout

The 4 finger claw control layout is personally my favorite in apex legends mobile. I have absolutely crushed many 1v3 situations thanks to this loadout.

In this control layout, you have a dedicated finger for shooting as well as a dedicated finger for Jump/Slide and Scope which leaves your right thumb empty. Thus, your right thumb can now focus entirely on aiming and recoil control, meaning you can literally spray enemies from across the map with insane accuracy.

Note: We also recommend that you use gyro with these control HUDs to help you with a much better recoil control in Apex Legends Mobile. But using gyro or not is more of a personal preference, and you can play just as good without using it.

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So that was the best 3 finger and 4 finger claw control layout in Apex Legends Mobile. For more such Apex Legends Mobile news and update, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.