Apex legends mobile beta version was released just two days ago, and the developers have already announced to shut it down tomorrow. What’s really happening with Apex Legends Mobile beta? Let’s find out.

Apex Legends Mobile Indian beta to shut down tomorrow

If you have the apex legends mobile beta app on your device, then the next time you open the game, you will get a notification from the developers stating that the Apex Legends Mobile beta version will end on 1st May at 6:30 AM GMT.

The notification also stated that all the player data would also be wiped. We have already talked about all this in our Apex Legends Mobile beta: Everything you need to know article. So do give it a read.

Apex Legends mobile beta close date

Why is this beta ending so soon?

The Apex Legends Mobile beta version was released for selected Indian users on the morning of 28th April, and EA is shutting down the beta on 1st May, meaning the beta just ran for three days. So the question is, why just three days? The answer is actually quite simple. EA just wanted to test the servers and technicalities of the game. The focus of the Indian Apex Legends Mobile beta version was not actually to test the gameplay but rather to get an idea that the game’s current framework would be able to accommodate a good number of players and provide a smooth gameplay experience to all at the same time.

This is also why EA only allowed a minimal number of players (around 10K) to access the Apex legends mobile beta version. Anyway, the developers have already collected enough data to work and improve the game further. This is why they are now shutting down the beta.

What’s next?

The next beta version of Apex Legends Mobile is scheduled to release in the Philippines later in May, which is when we can expect more details on the game.

Respawn has also hinted towards a global Apex Legends Mobile beta

If you have been following the official social media channel of Respawn, EA, and Apex Legends. You would find that they all have been mentioning that separate communication channels (subdomain and social media channels) dedicated to Apex Legends Mobile will soon be opened up, which is when the players will get more info on the game.

The social media channels have also hinted towards a global beta version of Apex Legends Mobile to be released somewhere in Q3 of 2021. So that’s it for this post – Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up-to-date with all the latest Apex Legends Mobile News and Updates.