Ladies and gentlemen, Boys and girls, Apex Legends Mobile, is now a reality. The first public beta version of the game has been released for selected players. And luckily, I was one of the few players that got the chance to try the game. I have been playing since the first hour of its release, and I thought I should share my first impression of Apex Legends Mobile with you guys. So here I am.

Heads up: My impressions are solely based on my experience with Apex Legends Mobile beta. I want to remind the players that the game is still under development, and when it would release globally, it would be a whole lot better and smooth.

Apex Legends Mobile Victory


I have been playing hardcore mobile shooters since 2016, be it Rules of Survival, PUBG Mobile, COD Mobile, or any top-notch game. I use 3 finger claw, and even then, I thought it would be really tough to play Apex Legends Mobile because the screen would be too complicated and just filled with buttons.

But I have to say that the developers have done a fantastic job. The controls of Apex Legends Mobile have been perfectly adapted for the mobile version of the game, and players shall have no difficulty getting used to it. The game offers in-built control layout options for 2,3, and 4 finger players. You can choose the layout of your choice and then edit a bit as per your needs.

With that all being said, I feel Apex Legends Mobile is an advanced shooter game meaning it is actually for players that have good experience in mobile shooting games. The players who are new to mobile gaming and use two fingers will not be able to survive in the game. If you want to enjoy this game, you got to use 3 or 4 finger claw.

Apex Legends Mobile screenshot

Lastly, we reached out to EA asking whether the game will support controllers or not? But we haven’t received a reply yet. But by the looks of the beta version, Apex Legends Mobile will not support controllers, meaning 2 finger casual players who play the game for fun are kind of doomed.


I don’t really want to comment on the graphics because the graphics settings are missing for the beta version of apex legends. The game has been capped at 30fps, and the graphics are also set to a lower setting by default. The developers with the current beta test are actually testing the gameplay mechanics and server. The graphics is not of focus now. Therefore it makes no sense to comment on it. But still, if you want to get an idea, I would say the graphics are decent for a mobile game. Even if you have the device with the minimum requirements, you will enjoy the game. And I am pretty sure it will get a whole lot better by the time the game launches globally.

Apex Legends Mobile max graphics


This is where I am a bit disappointed. I really like fast-paced games, which is one of the primary reasons I was super excited for Apex Legends Mobile. But after playing the beta version, I can tell you that compared to the PC/Console version, the movements in the mobile version are very slow.

The game’s pace is similar to COD Mobile Battle Royale; I would even go ahead and say that movement in PUBG Mobile is a hell lot faster and smooth compared to Apex Legends Mobile. I believe that the developers have intentionally slowed the game’s movements; this might be because they want to reach a mass audience, and on the small screens, they won’t want the game to become over-complicated.

Gun Fights

I have zero complaints about how the fights take place in the game. The animations are just perfect, the gunfights feel intense, and it is sure to make your heart pump faster. Overall, the gun mechanics and pretty similar to the PC/Console version.

Apex Legends mobile fights

No In-game Tutorials

I have played Apex Legends on PC only a few times (thanks to my potato PC), which is why I am not entirely well-versed with the game mechanics. Thankfully, I do know how the character’s passive works, how the abilities work and all. But the game has no in-game tutorial, so anyone who hasn’t played the Apex Legends Console/PC version might have a hard time figuring out everything.

I am pretty sure when the game will release globally, it will have an in-game tutorial for the new player, so that is not a huge concern.

So that concludes my first impressions of Apex Legends Mobile. If you thought I missed something, please let me know in the comments below; I always enjoy discussing games more about games. Also, please like us Facebook and follow us on Twitter for the latest Apex Legends Mobile news and updates.