EA has announced that they will soon be releasing the first beta test version of Apex Legends Mobile. But you are here because you want to know more about what’s happening with the beta of apex legends mobile. So let’s dig deep and find more details.

When will Apex Legends Mobile beta release?

Apex Legends mobile beta is scheduled to release in the last week of April. The exact date has not been confirmed, but the beta should release between 26th to 30th April.

What are the regions for the beta test?

EA has selected India and the Philippines for the first public beta test version of Apex Legends Mobile. This means selected players from these countries will be allowed to download and test the game before others.

Can players from other countries also play Apex Legends Mobile beta version?

Officially not! But players from other regions can use a VPN to download and play the beta test version of Apex Legends Mobile.

Will the data be wiped after the beta test is concluded?

The Apex Legends Mobile beta is expected to run for around one month, after which the data of the players will be completely wiped.

Apex Legends Mobile beta on iOS?

The Apex Legends Mobile beta will be available only on the Android platform. There is no news of the iOS beta launch. It looks like the iOS players will have to wait for at least 3-6 months to even just get their hand on the early access version of the game.

Minimum device requirement for Apex Legends Mobile beta?

The developers are currently taking pre-registration for beta from selected device models only. Meaning that even if you have the latest smartphone with the top-end specification, it might show a compatibility error when you try to pre-register.

Unforatnely, the developers have not shared a list of devices compatible with the Apex Legends Mobile beta version. So if you want to find out if your device meets the requirement for the beta, then simply visit the Google Play page of the app and if it says that ‘device is not compatible,’ then you have your answer, and if it shows Pre-Register option or that the app is not available in your country, then your device meets the requirement to play the Apex Legends Mobile beta.

Note: For the Apex Legends beta, the device requirement is different. When the game will launch globally, the minimum requirements will be much lower.

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