The craze of Apex Legends Mobile is just increasing with each coming day. But Apex Legends mobile is a top-notch battle royale game and will require high-end devices to run the game smoothly. Wondering whether your smartphone will be able to run the game or not? Then don’t worry, just check out the Apex Legends Mobile Minimum Smartphone Requirement given below, and you will know.

Apex Legends Mobile Minimum Smartphone Requirement

Apex Legends Mobile is a heavy game meaning you will require a high-end device to run the game. But the developer of the game has done a great job in optimizing the game, which means even mid-range smartphones will be able to run Apex Legends Mobile.

The Minimum Smartphone Requirement to play Apex Legends Mobile is as followed:

For Android

  • Processor: Snapdragon 625 or above.

For iOS

  • Processor: A11 Bionic and above
  • iPhone 8, 10.5 iPad Pro, or newer devices.

Note: The requirement mentioned above is the minimum requirement; a smartphone with these specifications will be able to run the game but not provide a good gameplay experience. For running Apex Legends Mobile smoothly at high graphics, devices with at least Snapdragon 845 are recommended.

Pre-Registration compatibility issue

Apex Legends Mobile has just been made available for Pre-Registration on Google Play in selected regions. Many players who have the latest smartphone with the top-end specification are getting combability errors when trying to pre-register for the game. This is because the developers right now are only taking pre-registration for only specific mobile models. (For example, all OnePlus 5 and above models can Pre-register) They are doing so because they want to test the game on few selected models (as it makes the lives of the developers a lot easy), collect the data, and slowly expand to more devices.

Thus, there is nothing to worry about as such. The actual Minimum requirement to play Apex Legends Mobile is the one which we have mentioned above.

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