Finally, after waiting for almost a year, now it looks like that the wait will soon be over. Electronics arts has just announced that they will soon be releasing a closed beta of Apex Legends Mobile in India and Philippines in the next few days. After which, they will expand the beta to more regions. Anyways the release is not the topic of this post; we will discuss that in some other post, but the question of the day here is ‘Will Apex Legends Mobile support cross-platform play?‘. So let’s find out the answer.

What is Cross-platform play?

Cross-platform play, more commonly known as cross-play in very simple terms, means using different video game hardware to play with each other simultaneously. To understand it better, you can take up the example of a game like Among Us where few players can be on the PC, others can be on the smartphone, and still, they can play together in the same lobby. This is because a game like Among Us supports Cross-platform play.

Will Apex Legends Mobile support Cross-platform play?

Now coming to the question for which you have come here. So the direct answer to this question is that ‘No! Apex Legends Mobile will not support Cross-Platform Play.’ This has also been confirmed by Chad Grenier, who is the game director on Apex Legends.

Because Apex Legends Mobile is being built specially for mobile, it won’t feature cross-play with the console or PC versions of Apex Legends. 

Chad Grenier | Director on Apex Legends

What does this actually mean?

Apex Legends and Apex Legends Mobile are treated as different games. Though Apex Legends Mobile takes its inspiration from the original PC games, it will have some distinct features, such as a different battle pass.

The situation here is just like PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile, where the mobile players cannot play with the PC players because both are considered different games. PUBG Mobile has some exclusive features like LIVIK Map that is not there in the PC version, so similar things will happen with Apex Legends Mobile.

However, it is important to note that players can still use Emulators such as Bluestacks and LDplayer to play Apex Legends Mobile and then play alongside their friends on mobile devices.

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